Woodpile Lodge

Format: 11 min. Target: 6-12
Created by Aron Dunn

Ever wondered what the average suburban pet gets up to when its owner isn’t around?  Well, Seymour, Beanie and Mooch hope you never find out, because it would screw everything up. These stray cats have built a surrogate family by turning an abandoned woodpile into the most exclusive private club ever for tired, bored and burnt out pets. SEYMOUR runs “front of house” ensuring the members’ experience is note perfect. BEANIE’s cooking up something spicy and dangerous in the kitchen.   MOOCH is the one who actually does all the work while the other two take all the credit (at least that’s how he sees it).

Week in week out, these cats' schemes to improve the lodge and increase membership take them on surreal adventures into the minutiae of a pet’s secret life. It’s ANIMAL HOUSE! Literally!



Character Design by Aaron Long






Welcome to Woodpile Lodge

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