Waitin’ for the Man

Greetings Dear Readers,

Your humble narrator must begin with a heartfelt apology for not posting sooner after my triumphant return from Kidscreen.   I had fully intended to pen a full account of my adventures in the Big Apple when I returned, foolishly believing that for the first time in my career I would bypass the annual post-Kidscreen cold.  But pride goeth before the cough, and by the end of the week following the conference I was a sniffling ball of fevered delirium. … Read the rest


Get to know me!

Welcome to Treason Media’s new web site and inaugural blog post. I hope this space will give you a little more insight into my creative process and what drives me to create funny stuff for the TV, internet and whatever new screens those wonderful tech boffins have in store for us.

Speaking of getting to know me, my close friends often joke that I want to get paid to be myself. I don’t deny this. In fact, I see my new company, Treason Media, as the fulmination of 30 odd, er 20 odd years (but who’s counting really) of obsessing over pop culture.… Read the rest

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