The Aqua-Maroons

Format: 22 min. Target Audience: 8-12
Created by Dale Schott & Robin Budd

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Poachers depleting the Ocean's fisheries - YOU'RE COOKED!
Industrialists polluting its waters - THE GUCK STOPS HERE!
There's some DEEP SEA TROUBLE on your tail, and they call themselves... The AQUA-MAROOONS!

ELI and HANNA TANNER fight the good fight from their home base in a sunken ocean liner, where they live with their deep sea explorer father. At their side will be GIBBLE and GLARG - a pair of amphibious Sasquatch sidekicks who come from the darkest reaches of the ocean floor!

So bring it on bad guys - surf's up, and YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN!

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